Lost Tribes of Israel #4 Hata Clan and Christianity

Today I uploaded the new video of the Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan series.
The titile is "Hata Clan and Christianity".
The Hada (or Hada) Clan is the large Clan in ancient Japan.
They are said to be a Christian or the part of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

I created a group "The Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan" on Facebook.
Group "Lost Tribes of Israel in Japan" in Facebook


Neria said...

hey there...
i am a jewish istraeli student and i have seen your youtube video about the shrine of Suwa-Taisha near mount moriya. i wanted to ask you if it is a ceremony that is happening only there or there is more shrine that have this arc?

another thing:
i was wondering what is the name of the ladel used in the tsukubai (stone basin), to purify one moouth and hands...

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thank you!

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